January 14th 2016


Team "NUTTS"

With a partner, complete ALL reps of this Hero WOD each, not divided between athletes

For Time : 

10 HSPU                    
15 Deadlifts   115kg/80kg
25 Box Jumps   24"/20"
50 Pullups
100 Wallballs
200 Double Unders
400m Run w/20kg/10kg

HSPU - Scale to Piked Box Push Up
Scale Deadlift weight accordingly (Reps should not be broken to more than 2 sets)
Scale Pullups as needed (Ring Rows preferable)

Use time left in session to work on GOATS
(Goats are movements in Crossfit that we would rather not see in a WOD. AKA. Pistols, Overhead Squats, Double unders, Squat Snatches etc, whatever it is, this is the time to work on it, and Thursdays)

James Davidson

ne37 1pr