January 16th 2016


Icon Online Championships WOD #1 - Unbreakable

9 minute AMRAP Wallball* shots with Burpee penalty

*Male 9kg - 10ft target
*Female 6kg - 9ft target

*Masters Male 9kg - 10ft target
*Masters Female 6kg - 9ft target

*Teens Male 6kg - 9ft target
*Teens Female 6kg - 8ft target

Each break* in the wallball shots will result in a burpee penalty increasing by 3 burpees each break:

Break 1 = 3 Burpees
Break 2 = 6 Burpess
Break 3 = 9 Burpees etc

*A break in reps includes; ball touching the floor, a no rep or holding the ball off the ground and resting for a period of 3 seconds or more.

Score = Total wall balls completed

James Davidson

ne37 1pr