Monday 10th October

Nice partner one to blow them cobwebs off! 

Website updated tomorrow with workout from last week as well for people wanting to catch up 💪🏻🏋


Teams of 2 (Relay) 

Dynamic stretching 

Pulse raiser: 
1st person, Run to end of hall 15 Air squat tag next team mate! On 2nd run, run to end of hall 5 burpees tag next team mate! 

X 2 

Strength (20Mins)

Back squats
5-5-5-5-5 @ 80% of 1RM

If you don't know this 20mins to establish new 1RM 

WOD 1 (Pair Up) 

0-3 400m + Max Sync Down ups
0-4 Rest 

4-6 20 Back squats + Max Wall balls (Split as see fit) 
6-7 Rest 

7-10 400m Run + Max Sync Down ups
10-11 Rest 

11-13 20 Back squats + Max Wall balls
13-14 Rest 

14-17 400m Run + Max Sync Down ups  

- Score is Down ups and wall balls added together! 
- Down ups must be sync
- Wall balls can be split however 

RX 35/50---14/20
S1 25/40 --- Manageable
*No racks

James Davidson

ne37 1pr