Wednesday 12th October

 WARM UP (4 1/2 Mins) 

 Tabata: V-sits & ab thrusters 

Teams 3 (1 round each- max rounds) 
10 Ring rows  
5 Atomic press ups 

*While 1 athlete works other 2 must hold plank. If athletes stop plank athlete working must stop as well. 

WOD  (AMRAP 17Mins) 

7 GTOH 50/35
5 Thrusters 50/35
6 Burpee tuck Jumps 

*For score to be validated athlete must have covered 1200m on foot before the 17min Cap

RX = 50/35 and 1200m Covered on foot
S1 = 40/25 and 1200m Covered on foot or Row
M = Picking a manageable weight and covering distance anyway. (Coach may advise weight to use depending on technique and saftey) 

James Davidson

ne37 1pr