March 23rd 2016

Warm up : In pairs or 3's

L - Sit

3 Attempts @ Max Hold
(Scaling = Knees tucked, One Knee Tucked)

Use Dumbbells on top of 20kg plates to create Parallel bars

Plank Hold (30 Seconds)

Weighted - In Pairs, athletes use bumpers to increase weight on back. Hold for 30 seconds


Tech : 

Row : 300/250/200/150/100 m at 100%, rest as partner goes

With Partner - Partner A will row 300m As fast as possible. 100% effort. Partner A will then switch out and rest as Partner B Rows 300m. This pattern will continue until both athletes have finished the 100m Sprint.


WOD : 

Part A - 5 Min AMRAP : 

2, 4, 6, 8 etc....

Overhead Walking Lunge With Plates (20kg/10kg)

Burpee To Plates


-- Rest 3 Mins --

Part B - For Time : 

200m Run

20 Overhead Walking Lunges with Plates (20kg/10kg)

20 Burpees to Plates

20 V-Sits

200m Run


James Davidson

ne37 1pr