April 18th 2016

Tech : Record your best Snatch 1 Rep Max lift.

25 min as a group following through coaches points.


WOD : Teams of 3

As many reps as possible in 15 mins of:

Run, 200m

15 Snatches 42.5/30kg

25 Air Squats

35 AbMat Sit-ups

Rules 1 athlete from the group must be running at all times, you can change this when you want. Other 2 athletes are working through the AMRAP splitting reps how ever they want.

Team score is max 200m runs plus amrap total e.g 20x200m = 20 reps, 5rounds + 2 reps, team total is 5+22.

Please  note : these runs will be completed wearing our new weighted vests. These vests are very expensive so we must keep them off the floor and hang them up correctly when finished. Davo x

James Davidson

ne37 1pr