April 20th 2016

Warm up : 

A single set of Double Unders for max reps.

8 min you have to perform a max set of unbroken double unders. scaled athletes 3:1 ratio again for a max unbroken set

You can have multiple attempts.


Core : 

3 Rounds 100 Second Plank

30 Second Right Side Plank

30 Second Left Side Plank

Aim to do all rounds unbroken

WOD : 

Toes-to-bars 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

Rest as needed between sets.

After each set of toes to bar you must do 20 double unders or 2:1 singles

Scaled athletes do Sit Ups

Cool Down : 

Perform at 70% effort / RPE 13.

1 Mile active recovery Jog


James Davidson

ne37 1pr