April 29th 2016

Tech : Skill Work 

12 Minutes to practice skills you need work on, NOT the ones you love to work on, the ones you NEED to work on.

If you can kind of do the skill, now work on form & range of motion, not weight. For example: Double Unders, Kipping pull ups, Butterfly pull ups, Muscle up progressions, Handstands, Handstand walk, Handstand push up progressions, Snatches (perfect form), Overhead squats (perfect form).


WOD : 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps, for time of:


Wall Ball

AbMat Sit-up

Hang Clean & Jerk, 4025 kg

Push-up (hand release)

Scale as needed

Time to get sweaty, aim to be efficient and always have a game plan of how to attack the movements.

(35 Min time cap - Score is time of 35mins + what reps were left)



James Davidson

ne37 1pr