Tuesday 17th May

Bench Press 5 Rep Max (20mins)

* Split into even groups to find 5rm bench press

AMRAP 18mins (Climbing ladder of 2s see * below)


Thruster, 20/15 kg


Wall Ball, 20/14 lbs

*in 3's, each athlete must row for 6 mins each, whilst the athlete is rowing the other two will do a climbing ladder of 2's. E.g.... 2 Thrusters - 2 pull ups - 2 wall balls - 4 Thrusters - 4 pull ups - 4 wall balls etc etc this is between them not each.

*Score is e.g. 24+12 rounds 3500 meters scaled athletes use lighter weights and negative box jump pull up's. DO NOT DROP EMPTY BARBELL!!

James Davidson

ne37 1pr