Saturday 21st May

8am - 9am class


Continuous Jogging + EMOM 20 Jumping Squats

STRENGTH (Pair up)

20 min to establish 1RM Jerk.

*Split or Push Jerk allowed.

*From Racks

WOD 1 (Same Pairs)

AMRAP 16 min.

6 KB swings 24kg/16kg

6 KB Goblet Squats 24kg/16kg

6 Down-Ups

1 Clean and Jerk 60kg/35kg

*1 round each then swap.

*High five into rounds.


Same as Workouts above as well as:

Conditioning 16 min Time cap.

Partner A - MAX 400m Runs.

Partner B - MAX Calorie Row.

*Score = Calories + Amount of Runs completed.

*Swap at any time. #Tactics



James Davidson

ne37 1pr