Friday 27th May

Warm up.

Loosen hips and Get Mobile.

Strength 20min

 Front Squat Pause 2 Rep Max

2rm with a 5 second pause for the first 10 min, then 2rm without the pause for second 10min.

This will be scored as two different weights, s1 and s2.


In 25 mins:

Run 600 m. Then in the remaining time:

 AMRAP of:

15 Front Squats, 50/35 kg

30 Toes-to-bars

45 Push-up (hand release)s

60 Double Unders (3:1 Single Unders)s

in 3's you must complete an amrap of the following, you must buy into the workout with 600m run, you can not start until all athletes are around the bar.

Scaled athletes do FSU for TTB and manageable weight for front squat.

*The bar must be picked up from the floor by the 2 athletes not front squatting #teamwork.

*if you have a split sex group pick a suitable weight to ensure intensity is kept to high.

*Split all reps evenly

James Davidson

ne37 1pr