Tuesday 19th July

Warm up 

Dynamic Stretching 

Wod 1 (Teams 4)

AMRAP 7mins

1 Sled Push,50m

6 Burpees 

- Outside teams of 4, athlete A pushes 25m to athlete B, B to C and the C to athlete D.

- EMOM 6 Burpees, sled can not be pushed again till all athletes complete burpees. 

- Score is every 25m pushed

Wod 2 (Pairs)

AMRAP 4 Mins

Hang Squat Clean Thrusters 

- Max reps in pairs, bar cannot touch the floor 

- If bar touches floor 3 rep penalty 

Wod 3 (Strength)

5 Clean high pulls 100/75

EMOM 10 mins

-Scale as needed but make challenging  

James Davidson

ne37 1pr