Wednesday 20th July

Warm Up 

Dynamic - Shoulders & Hips 

Tech work 

Pistol Progressions 

Can you pistol ? ? ?

If NO, how close are you & where are your weaknesses 

if YES, great can we be more efficient & which is your dominant leg 

Wod 1 (Tabata Sprints)

Max Sprints 

-Record sprints every interval 

-Score = Amount of sprints after 4 1/2 mins of Tabata.

Wod 2 (For Time)

40/20 - 30/15 - 20/10 

Wall balls 20/14

Kb Thrusters 16/24

EMOM - 6 pistol squats 

-This will be done to a running clock, pistols will be included in time so be sure to get them done quick so you dont eat away into the next minute.

- If you cant do pistols, Coach will give you a progression/scale for the movement in tech work above.

- Rx + Kb Pistols 16/24, Wall ball 20/24




James Davidson

ne37 1pr