Monday 25th July

Warm up 

Pvc work 


On the Minute every minute for 10 minutes perform:
-2 Snatches (either full, power, or any combo)
 *Work up to 85% of your 1rm.

*Work skill/tech not MAX load
Group will be split into 2

Wod 1 (Group A)

2000m row 

*For time, all out effort 

Wod 2 (Group B)

In 11 mins do:

100 Double Unders (3 1 Single Unders)s
then in the remaining time, AMRAP of:
6 Burpee Pull-ups
8 Air Squats
1 Snatch, 70/50 kg

Scaled athletes do burpee to bar and snatch at a manageable weight 

James Davidson

ne37 1pr