Wednesday 5th July

Gymnastics & Tech Work

Warm Up (5mins)

Stretch and Mobilise shoulders 

Core and Stability work (15mins)

(Concentrating on core activation to avoid using lower back)

Walk outs - 3 x 5 Reps

Ring Layouts - 3 x 5 Reps

Barbell Climb - 5 x 3 Reps

Med Ball Wheel Barrows - 1 set to FAILURE 

Gymnastics and Tech work (25mins)

Fundamentals & Progressions (BARS ONLY)

1 -Initial Swing 

2 -1st KIP 

3-1st KIP + Lat pull

4-2nd KIP 

5 -2nd KIP + Head Flick

EMOM 12mins

*1,2,3,4&5 Practice through the progressions EMOM 

WOD for time (8Min Cap)

30-20-10 Ab Thrusters

20-10-5 Down ups

16-12-8 Turkish get ups 12/20kg

Rep Ratio 

30 Ab Thrusters

20 Down Ups

15 Turkish Get ups














James Davidson

ne37 1pr