Saturday 17th September


Wu (pulse raiser)

150 Tip taps on wall ball

100 star jumps

50 high knees


10 Mins - Establish max weight for 30 second hold over head (Bar must be in Snatch/ohs position)

i.e. 30kg. for 30 seconds


EMOM (Pairs)

Partner A Min 1- 250m/200 Row

Partner B Min 2- 20 Wall Balls

Partner A Min 3- 20 Wall Balls

Partner B Min 4- 250m/200 Row

Partner A Min 5- 250m/200 Row

ETC….. For 20Mins

WOD 2 (20Min Cap for 8am class, No Cap for 10am class)



KB Russian Swings 24/16

Push Press 40/25

*Spilt even

*Can’t Move onto next rep ratio untill all 50 etc.. of each exercise is complete.


James Davidson

ne37 1pr