Tuesday 21st March


"Ring muscle up" 

What to do ? 
How to practice ? 
What's important ? 

WOD 1 (in pairs)

(20Min Cap) "For Time" 

Buy In (Partner A) and cash out (Partner B) "Med Ball Loop Run"

150 Med Squat Cleans
120 Med Ball Push jerks
90 Wall Balls
60 Ring Muscle up Transitions
(Even if you can ring muscle up you are not allowed, transition work only! Movement patterns are key to success) 

Then Record time or score! 5mins

Then straight into (Paired)

WOD 2 

13 Min Max Metres 

Your aim is 3250m ( Men) & 3000m (Women)+ For every meter you are over this Target you get 'legend points' The more legend points you achieve the bigger legend you are! Good luck! 



James Davidson

ne37 1pr