Tuesday 11th April

Spilt group into two for the workout and then switch. flip a coin for who does what workout first!

WOD 1 (15 Mins CAP)

5 rounds of the following:

5 GTOH (60/45 -50/35-40/25)
10 Burpees (Full extension)
15 Pull ups (any variation) 

* Scale Pull ups to Ring rows.

* If you don't finish under time Cap score = REPS 

WOD 2 (AMRAP 15mins)

 50 CAL Row

 50 Air Squats (Full extension)

25m Bear Crawl (5 REPS) - (Knees must not make contact with floor)

*1 round = 105 Reps 


James Davidson

ne37 1pr