Friday 28th April


Every 5 minutes, for 25 minutes (5 sets), for times:

RX Workout Below:

Run 400 Meters

7 Bar or Ring Muscle-Ups

10 Deadlifts 80/100kg

RX+ - Ring MU

S1 Workout Below:

Run 400m

12 Pull ups 

10 Deadlifts 60/80kg

S2 Workout below:

Loop Run

15 Ring Row 

10 Deadlifts 35/50kg 

*Goal is lowest total time when the five sets are added together. 

*Record time after completion of every set and then add all of your times together to give you a total time and score.

*You have 5mins to complete the workout each time, if you don't finish the workout you will be given a time of 5 mins for that set. 

James Davidson

ne37 1pr